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This is Greg in State College, PA. This past spring I ordered two violin fingerboards. I like them very much. The instrument sounds and feels just as if the board were made of wood, and there is no slightest sign of grooving. I've been recommending them to other players. I would like to order 2 more violin fingerboards.

Greg Smits

Pennsylvania, USA

Gold Tone OB-300 DELUXE Model

submitted 5/26/2007

Submitter Thom Canning

Where Purchased Gold Tone (Titusville)

Year Purchased 9/28/06

Price Paid 2145.00 ($US)


I bought this banjo new and had wayne install one of his graphite necks w/

hearts and flowers inlay. I believe this is the first OB-300 built by

Wayne w/ a graphite neck. This instrument plays beautifully up and down

the neck with a loud bright rich tone. For the money, this banjo is as

nice as any I've seen or played that costs $5000.00 or more. I'm extremely

happy with my choice. Sound Rating 10


The OB-300 was set up well at the store. Having a graphite neck, this

instrument never needs to be tuned and plays fast and easy. They also put

a graphite bridge on and the sound is crisp with great clarity. I'm a

tooling engineer and very picky. I wouldn't change a thing. Setup Rating 10


The inlay was installed perfectly and the finish is flawless.

Appearance Rating 10


This OB-300 is built and set up to play for a long time under any

conditions. Because of the graphite neck my Banjo isn't effected by

moisture, or weather changes and stays in tune. I know this sounds crazy

but she is a beautiful work horse, with great sound up and down the neck.

I have other banjos that aren't being played since the purchase of this

one. Reliability Rating 10


The inlay is truly a beautiful work of art. The graphite neck is polished

and flawless w/ the hearts and flowers design,radiused and plays fast.

Once again this OB-300 is a great value and the price is about half of

anything comparable. Components Rating 10

Overall Comments

I've owned several nice banjos and other than a mastertone copy built by

Frank Ford at GRYPHON Inst. in Palo Alto, Ca. 40 years ago which also has

been fitted w/ a graphite neck by Wayne, and my OB-300, are my two

favorite banjos. They make beautiful music, play well, are sturdy and

require very little maintenance.

Overall Rating 10