Acoustic and Electric Upright Bass Pickups

Villex/Sound Composites Fanned Axis Magnetic Upright Bass Pickup:

The first pickup that incorporates contemporary rare earth neodymium permanent magnets...
  • Even and balanced tone and volume.
  • Individual coils for each string assure perfect string to string output balance and equal pizzicato to arco balance.
  • Provides superior signal noise ratio and hum canceling with sensor coils that excel in picking up signals on non parallel axis’.
  • High output passive pickup (no battery).
  • Pickup is completely contoured to the shape of the average 4-string upright fingerboard.
  • Pickup matches the color of a high quality Ebony and Sound Composites fingerboards: no distracting, shiny parts.
  • Lightweight; very little impact on the overall weight of the fingerboard extending over the body.
  • No drilling into/defacing of the fingerboard side walls is required to mount the pickup as with another magnetic pickups offered elsewhere.
  • Pickup is easily removable, due to mounted with industrial Velcro.
  • The tapered potentiometer is discretely, easily reachable by being mounted on the pickup, providing very even control of volume.
  • 12” shielded cable with standard 1/4” output jack.
  • Incorporates fine quality copper magnet wire.
Model SCV-4:
List Price: $180
Our Price: $150 direct
SCV pickups for basses with more than 4 strings available by special order. Please inquire.

Maker, dealer and OEM/volume purchase inquires encouraged.

Optional Villex PRTB 4 position passive rotary tone booster may be added to the output jack element:

A true passive (no battery) ‘active-like’ boost of three different frequencies at various boost levels, the PRTB features a rotary switch with 4 positions. This includes pass-through and three boost levels at 3, 5 and 7 db.

Villex passive rotary tone booster works maximizing the pickup output through the recovering of energy which is otherwise lost. The Villex booster provides all of the benefits of active boosters with none of the traditional disadvantages of added noise, as well as battery installation and replacement. Villex boosters provide up to 7 db true boost.

Model SCV-B
Our Price: $96

To be introduced Winter, 2010:
Camcomp and Carball Upright Bass Pickups