Jordan Electric Violins manufactures well-received and innovative 5-s and 7-st violins which incorporate Sound Composites classic-style fingerboards.

Heydon Luthiery: A great source for the repair and upgrade of fine classical double basses and Viola Da Gambas in the Northwest U.S.

Viola Da Gamba is the well-reknowned maker of Gambas in the United States

Victoria Violin Repair is one of the premiere shops of south western British Columbia.

Veritable Violins is an innovator in the development of violin making.

Edgar Russ, Sound of Cremona is a pre-eminent Italian builder of fine violins, cellos and double basses.

The Violin Society of America is an essential element in the world of classical luthiery. is a tremendous resource for those wishing to connect with strings builders and repair people.

The Guild of American Luthiers is an established link to a wide range of quality stringed instrument builders.

The British Violin Makers Association serves to connect U.K. and other makers involved in the art of classical luthiery.

String Magazine is required reading for all those interested in keeping current with the classical world.

The Strad is a valuable publication for keeping up with traditions and trends in the art of luthiery.