Rocking Forked Foot

photo of rocking forked foot on upright bassWith use of this unique rocking forked foot, both acoustic and electric upright basses become so well balanced that no hands are required to balance the instruments against your body. Still, this foot allows for complete and free movement of the of rocking forked feet for upright basses The top of the foot, in which the end pin is attached, can rock left and right on its mechanisms pivot point. At the same time, the entire bass and forked foot can rock forward and back on its two feet. This results in the ability of the bass to tip in any direction or atitude when in position against the player. And since the bass is connected to the ground on two feet, it cannot rotate or twirl.

Model BFF:
List Price: $75
Our Price: $64 direct

Maker, dealer and OEM/volume purchase inquires encouraged.